How Modern Process Servers are Leveraging Social Media

In some cases, people who expect to be served legal paperwork will try to postpone the action against them by avoiding the process server. These days, however, process servers can often use social media to find individuals who don’t want to be found. Here’s how:

Analyze Profiles

Many people’s social media profiles aren’t as private as they might think. For example, Facebook automatically makes profile pictures and cover photos visible to the public, so your new profile pic might lead a process server straight to you.

Read Tweets

If someone tweets that he’s been enjoying the surf at a particular beach, he’s just made it that much easier for the process server to find him.

Find Events

According to one account, a process server in California was able to find a woman because she had marked herself as “attending” a Facebook event, which happened to be held at her home address.

Reach out to Friends

Friends lists provide valuable information to process servers. These lists can be used to find family members, romantic partners, roommates or coworkers who can lead a process server to the right place.

Gather Clues

Even if someone’s location isn’t obvious from his or her social media, process servers can gather clues from posts, photos and tweets. For example, if someone makes frequent references to a particular industry, a process server might be able to gather additional clues and find their workplace.

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