Strengthening Process Serving Through Association

Legal BindersReliant Court Services is proud to abide by the highest professional standards for our process servers throughout the State of New York and the United States. The responsibility of delivering necessary documents to a defendant in an accurate, timely, and appropriate manner under the most up-to-date legal standards can make or break a case before it even has the chance to get out of the gate. Thanks to our affiliations with both the National Association of Professional Process Servers and New York State Professional Process Servers, we are able to provide our clients with efficient, proper and ethically-minded services that fulfill the duty of due process.

National Association of Professional Process Servers

As the nation’s largest community of process servers, the National Association of Professional Process Servers ensures reliability and integrity within our profession. Members must adhere to a Code of Ethics that was created and continues to be updated by NAPPS. Regarded as the professional standard for process servers, these principles along with other ethics and legislative resources provided to members serve as a guide for providing high-quality legal services to our clients.

New York State Professional Process Servers Association

Law undergoes regular changes that impact every aspect of our field, service of process included. When this happens, you can be assured we will be apprised of these changes by the New York State Professional Process Servers Association so that we won’t miss a beat. Membership entitles us to receive first alerts for upcoming legislation impacting process servers and information and guidance on all new and updated rules. New York State Certification and Education classes are another benefit that enables us to ensure we are providing superior attorney support services through continued training and engagement within the field.

Reliant Court Services provides New York process service and national process service throughout the state, including the five boroughs. We hope to be of service to you in ensuring efficient and proper service for each of your cases. Contact us online or call (631) 567-3120 to learn more about the legal support we offer our clients today.