3 Reasons to Use a Process Server for Eviction Notices

Evictions are an unfortunate reality for many landlords. No one likes to evict a tenant, but sometimes you have to. Tenants will break the terms of their lease, and landlords will have no choice but to evict them. Of course, part of the eviction process is serving eviction notices. A process server can be a useful partner in this step. Here’s why:

You can avoid an emotional confrontation

Evicting a tenant can cause a tense situation. Tenants may get angry or upset, and even try to last out at you when you serve the eviction notice. By going through a process server, you can avoid an emotional confrontation with your tenant. Additionally, people are less likely to lash out at a stranger and may be more willing to comply with the process server.

Process servers know the legal guidelines

Some states and jurisdictions have specific laws and guidelines in place on how an eviction notice must be served. If done incorrectly, the eviction notice becomes void. A process server will know the exact legal guidelines that must be followed to ensure that everything is done correctly and you won’t be held accountable for any missteps.

You will have proof of service

Some tenants, in an attempt to delay their eviction, will claim that they never received and eviction notice. With a process server, however, you will have an authenticated proof of service. This form of legal evidence will be especially helpful if your tenant tries to lie their way out of an eviction.

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