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The Convenience of Hiring a Traveling Notary Public Service

There is a broad range of documents that need to be notarized. Getting these important documents notarized can be an inconvenient process when you’re dealing with a typical notary public service. But there’s an easier way: a traveling notary public service can make the notarization process significantly more convenient. Here are some benefits to using… Read more »

Mobile Notary vs. Signing Agent: What’s the Difference?

If you’re in need of notary services, you’ll need the right notary agent for the job. But not all notary agents are created equal. There are mobile or traveling notaries, and then notary signing agents. While many of their responsibilities overlap, these two types of notaries are best suited for particular situations. Read on to… Read more »

Affidavit vs. Declaration: What’s the Difference?

The legal world is filled with documents, papers, orders, and more. Of the many different types of legal paperwork you’ll have to file with your case, two common documents are affidavits and declarations. While these two documents are very similar, and both can be used in court, they have distinct differences that set them apart…. Read more »

Understanding the Traveling/Mobile Notary Public Service

Whether it be a legal case or a real estate transaction, you will likely have a document notarized at some point. While you’ve likely heard of a notary agent, you may not have heard of a traveling notary public, also known as a traveling/mobile notary. These types of notaries perform the same services as notary… Read more »