Understanding the Traveling/Mobile Notary Public Service

Whether it be a legal case or a real estate transaction, you will likely have a document notarized at some point. While you’ve likely heard of a notary agent, you may not have heard of a traveling notary public, also known as a traveling/mobile notary. These types of notaries perform the same services as notary agents, but they are much easier to get into contact with.

What is a traveling/mobile notary public? 

A traveling notary is someone who will travel from location to location in order to notarize a document. For instance, they can come to your home, your office, a restaurant, or any place that you need a document notarized.

What do they do? 

A traveling/mobile notary is generally utilized to witness the signing of a document and take oaths. In New York State, a notary public cannot provide legal advice. A traveling/mobile notary provides their services to a host of industries, such as legal, banking, medical, etc.

Why hire a traveling/mobile notary public? 

You will need a document notarized at some point, and a traveling notary is a simple way to do so. A traveling/mobile notary public can visit almost any location, at any time, even if they’re given short notice. It’s a simple way of finding a notary when time is of the essence.

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