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What Are the Different Types of Subpoenas?

There are several types of subpoenas that can be served. It all depends on who you are and what your role is regarding the case. Here we will discuss two commonly served types of subpoenas. Subpoena Ad Testificandum A Subpoena Ad Testificandum is a type of subpoena that compels individuals to appear and testify. Generally,… Read more »

Using the UIDDA to Serve Out-of-State Subpoenas

In a previous blog post, we discussed the intricacies of serving subpoenas across countries, but what about across state lines? In years past, serving an out-of-state subpoena was complex and time-consuming. However, after the passage of the Uniform Interstate Depositions and Discovery Act (UIDDA) in 2007, the process became much simpler. Read on to learn… Read more »

Can I Ignore a Subpoena?

Some people think they’ve been unjustly subpoenaed, while others believe that if they ignore their responsibilities, then they will go away on their own. It may be in the best interest of the subpoenaed party to not ignore a subpoena and take it seriously. Here’s why: What is a subpoena? A subpoena is a document… Read more »