How to Serve Process with an Incorrect Address

Having a correct address is crucial in order to properly serve process. However, there may be an instance where the address on file is outdated or completely incorrect. In these cases, process servers must turn to other means to track down the individual. 

Why an address may be incorrect 

There are a number of reasons why an address for a particular person may be incorrect. Sometimes it’s a typo, but in most cases it’s simply because people didn’t update their address. People move frequently, so it’s easy for addresses to become outdated. Additionally, some individuals may list a specific address, when in reality they spend most of their time elsewhere (such as a college student still technically living at home but spending most of their time at school).  

How to determine if an address is incorrect 

Just because no one was home when a process server stopped by doesn’t mean that the address is wrong. There will have to be other signs indicating that the address on file is incorrect. For instance, perhaps someone else is living at that address, or the house appears vacant. A process server will have to speak with neighbors and investigate the property before coming to the conclusion that they have the wrong address. 

Finding the right address 

Once it’s been determined that an address is incorrect, it’s now up to the process server to find the correct address. To do so, they will use various resources to track the person down, including: 

  • Skip tracing software 
  • Social media 
  • DMV searches 
  • Postal Service 
  • Speaking to acquaintances  

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