How to Spot a Fake Process Server

In an ideal world, we could trust every person that shows up on our doorstep. Unfortunately, many people try to take advantage of others by posing as a process server. These fake process servers can not only cost you your time, but your money as well. Here, we detail how you can spot a fake process server from a real one.

They require payment from the person being servedwoman knocking on door

A real process server never asks for payment from the individual being served. They are always paid by the person or entity that hired them. If someone is serving you papers and then asks for payment, you can trust that the person is a fake process server.

Be wary, though—if you try to argue with them, they may come up with scary-sounding excuses. For example, they may claim you will be held in contempt of court if you do not pay them. Do not buy into these excuses. The person is simply trying to scare you into giving them money.

They’re asking for too much information

A process server needs to identify and locate specific individuals. As such, they will need information such as the person’s name, other occupants, heirs, etc. But if a process server starts asking for financially confidential information, or personal identifiers (like a social security number), you’re likely dealing with an imposter.

They are acting unprofessional

Process servers must be professional at all times. If the person at your door is acting unprofessional such as asking financially confidential questions, or personal identifiers (like a social security number) chances are they are a fake. Reputable process servers will never ask inappropriate questions and should portray themselves in a professional and respectable way.

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