How to Tell if Someone is Actually a Process Server

If someone shows up at your door claiming to be a process server, how can you tell that they are actually a process server? Unfortunately, door-to-door scams are a real problem.

So, before you convey any information, read over these tips on how to tell if that process server at your door is who they say they are:

Process servers won’t ask for money

The biggest indicator that someone isn’t a process server is if they ask for money. No real process server will ever ask an individual for money. So, be on the lookout if you’re asked to pay a “processing fee” or a “delivery fee.”

They won’t ask for private information

While a process server may ask for basic information (such as your name) before serving your papers, they will never ask for private information. Private or sensitive information includes your Social Security number or credit card information.

Generally, a legitimate process server always identify themselves

In NYC, process servers should carry a license to prove they are a process server. Always ask for a process server’s identification, or the case number they are associated with, before doing anything.

If you feel scared or intimidated by someone at your door, contact the authorities immediately. Reliant Court Services is a licensed and bonded process service. To learn more about us or our services, contact us today.