Process Server vs. Sheriff: Which is Best?

There are two ways to serve process. One is through a private process server; the other is through a sheriff. While relying on the sheriff’s department to serve your papers can be cheap, there are reasons why most people rely on a private process server. Not only is it quicker, but you receive better and more effective service. Read on to learn more:

Quicker serviceProcess Server vs. Sheriff: Which is Best?

A private process server’s main job is to serve process. A sheriff, meanwhile, has many other duties they have to attend to. This means that your papers may be put on the back burner while the sheriff deals with other, more pressing issues. By hiring a process server, however, you can expect your service to be completed in a few days.

Better customer service

Again, a process server’s only job is to serve process. This means they can dedicate much more time to you and your needs. They will get back to you quickly and ensure that process is served in a timely and efficient manner.

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