The Different Industries That Benefit from Skip Tracing

Skip tracing is often deployed in the legal field. Nevertheless, that is not the only industry that can benefit from skip tracing. Many others from genealogy to collection agencies can use a skip tracer to make their jobs easier. Read on to learn more:

Real Estate

Whenever there is an abandoned property, real estate agencies need to find the true owners. Skip tracers can research the property and track down the original owners to ensure a fast and smooth real estate transaction.


Skip tracing can also be used for genealogy. When individuals are searching for long-lost family members, a skip tracer can help track them down. This process can also uncover properties or assets previously owned by the family that current-day members may have a right to.

Collection Agencies

No matter your industry, everyone wants the money that they are owed. As such, collection agencies employ skip tracers to track down individuals who are skipping payments. Skip tracers can also find out if the bills and notices are being sent to the right address, or if it needs to be sent somewhere else.

Insurance Investigators

Insurance investigators track down individuals who commit insurance fraud. As a result, they use skip tracers to help them find those individuals.

Background Checks

When you apply for a job or for an apartment, companies will often run a background check. However, if a standard background check pulls up little to no information, then companies will turn to skip tracers. A skip tracer will be able to find previous names, addresses, and employment records to better understand your past.

Law Firms

Finally, there are law firms. This is perhaps the industry that uses skip tracers the most. Attorneys may hire skip tracers when they struggle finding witnesses or if their own team of attorneys are overburdened.

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