4 Qualities of an Effective Process Server



A good process server will respect all of the rules and laws in your state that cover process service, and abide by ethical norms. He or she will never falsify a return of service and will avoid engaging in illegal or otherwise questionable behavior.


Today’s process servers must leverage social media, GPS tracking apps and other new technologies in their day-to-day work. Being able to keep up with the latest tools and methods for tracking down individuals is important to a process server’s work. It’s also important for process servers to be able to adapt to unusual schedules, including late nights, early mornings and weekends.


Process servers deal with rude, irate and even verbally abusive people on a regular basis. Being able to stay calm, polite and rational under pressure is often the key to a successful service.


Process servers often have to track down people who don’t want to be found. In some cases, the person to whom you need to serve documents may have left town with no forwarding address. To find them and serve them papers, a good process server will need to be persistent and resourceful.

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