Can You Serve a Bank?

A process server can serve a wide variety of people and institutions. But what about banks? Indeed, process servers can serve a bank. However, there can be some factors that make this more difficult to do. Read on to learn more:

How to serve a bank in the United States

Serving a financial institution is much different than serving an individual. Each state will have its own procedures and laws governing how you serve a bank. However, if we’re speaking generally, you will be able to serve a bank through a process server. That process server will then go to the bank’s registered agent (or, a representative of the institution) and serve them the appropriate papers.

Unfortunately, not all banks have registered agents in every state. So, what do you do?

In these cases, a process server will need to follow the steps and local laws for serving an out-of-state institution.

How to serve a bank internationally

There may even come a time where you have to serve papers to a bank overseas. The Hague Service Convention allows individuals or institutions to be served while they’re based in foreign countries. However, not all countries are a part of the Hague Convention, and others still may have additional laws or regulations governing process servers.

In these situations, it’s always best to have a qualified process server to help. Contact Reliant Court Services today at 631-567-3120 to learn more about our services.